Hermit_theCrab Video Game Streamer

Hello and welcome! I’m glad you stopped by my gaming site. Here you will find information about me, my live stream, and video games.

Iamhermitthecrab Video Game Streamer


About me

I am Hermit_theCrab, a twitch.tv video game streamer and YouTuber coming to you live from Virginia.

I have been gaming for over 30 years on various platforms. I believe my love for gaming started with NES, and still continues to this day with PC gaming. While I own and enjoy playing both the PS4 and Xbox One, my favorite will always be PC.

I started streaming so that I could chat with other gamers and highlight my gameplay. I enjoy interacting with my viewers, giving game tips, and talking strategy in chat. I find myself playing all types of games, but I have the most fun playing sports and FPS games.

Find out more about the games I like to stream and the equipment I use for my game-play on the gaming page.

I tend be a very sarcastic person, and can sometimes come off as being a jerk. If this offends you, please try to keep in mind it is in all good fun. If you enjoy a laid back environment where we can have some laughs and chill, then this is the place for you.

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by my Twitch stream and YouTube channel, please check them out. If you are a current viewer, thank you for your support!

See you soon!

– Hermit_theCrab