NBA Playgrounds, Video Game Review

NBA Playgrounds Video Game Review by Hermit_theCrab NBA Playgrounds is an arcade-style basketball video game from Saber Interactive. It will launch on May 9th, 2017 across 4 platforms (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC). I’ve done a quick review video to tell you about the game and show you what it …

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MLB The Show 17, First Impressions, Game Review

MLB The Show 2017 MLB17

MLB The Show 17, First Impressions A Video Game Review by Hermit_theCrab   Not sure whether or not to play MLB The Show 17? Check out my first impressions video and it may help you decide. It has been about a week since MLB17 was released. In the video game …

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MLB The Show 17, How to Complete Diamond Dynasty Conquest

How to Complete MLB 17 Diamond Dynasty Conquest Map

How to Complete Diamond Dynasty Conquest Mode in MLB The Show 17 Want to find out how to beat the Diamond Dynasty Conquest MLB 17? Check out the video guide below and I’ll talk you through the easy way to complete the map quickly. What is Diamond Dynasty Conquest MLB 17? Diamond Dynasty …

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World of Warcraft at Level 110

WoW quests to do at level 110

What is there to do in World of Warcraft at Level 110? Legion is out and it is time to get leveling. But, when I’m done with all those levels, is there anything left to do after level 110? The game doesn’t end when you reach max level. In fact, the end game …

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Overwatch Heroes

Overwatch heroes and abilities

Overwatch Heroes Each of the different playable Overwatch heroes has a unique set of abilities. You will want to choose your gameplay strategy differently depending on your character’s special skills. Check out all the heros and their detailed powers at Offensive Overwatch Heroes The offensive heroes will generally do the most …

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New in gaming: What is Overwatch?

Overwatch Blizzard will release Overwatch on May 24, 2016. Overwatch is Blizzard’s first first-person shooter game. With a limited in-game story-line, Overwatch is a character-based shooter that focuses on PVP gameplay. Teams battle to protect objectives and move payloads. Learning the unique skills of each of the 21 hero characters and how …

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MLB The Show 2016

MLB The Show 16

MLB The Show 2016 MLB The Show 2016 dropped on March 29, exclusively on PS4. San Diego Studios added some new features to this year’s Major League Baseball video game. The Game This year’s new additions are ShowTime, Battle Royale, and Conquest Mode. ShowTime is a new feature in Road to …

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Green Screen Fail on Twitch Live Stream

Hermit_theCrab Live stream fail, green screen falls down.

Green Screen Fail My green screen fell down while I was streaming on twitch. I was just trying to play some EA Sports UFC, and it crashed down right behind me. RIP green screen. Illusion ruined! Now you know I’m not actually in the game. Oh well. At least it …

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UFC 2 Transitions, 4 things you should know

Hermit_theCrab UFC 2 Gameplay Tips

4 things you should know about blocking or reversing UFC 2 transitions Learn about blocking and reversing UFC 2 transitions in this web tutorial. Below we will go over four important things to know about the game. I hope this helps you master EA Sports UFC 2. Watch Video Tutorial Read Written …

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UFC 2 Submissions, 4 things you should know

UFC 2 submission tips from Hermit_theCrab

4 Things you should know about UFC 2 submissions EA Sports UFC 2 submissions can be a bit tricky. If you learn the basic skills to working the submission game, your overall ground game will improve. These four tips will help you master EA Sports UFC 2 submissions. Watch Video Tutorial Read …

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