Green Screen Fail on Twitch Live Stream

Hermit_theCrab Live stream fail, green screen falls down.

Green Screen Fail My green screen fell down while I was streaming on twitch. I was just trying to play some EA Sports UFC, and it crashed down right behind me. RIP green screen. Illusion ruined! Now you know I’m not actually in the game. Oh well. At least it …

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UFC 2 Transitions, 4 things you should know

Hermit_theCrab UFC 2 Gameplay Tips

4 things you should know about blocking or reversing UFC 2 transitions Learn about blocking and reversing UFC 2 transitions in this web tutorial. Below we will go over four important things to know about the game. I hope this helps you master EA Sports UFC 2. Watch Video Tutorial Read Written …

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UFC 2 Submissions, 4 things you should know

UFC 2 submission tips from Hermit_theCrab

4 Things you should know about UFC 2 submissions EA Sports UFC 2 submissions can be a bit tricky. If you learn the basic skills to working the submission game, your overall ground game will improve. These four tips will help you master EA Sports UFC 2 submissions. Watch Video Tutorial Read …

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