MUTLeagues Season 1 game Colts vs Cowboys

Colts vs Cowboys – #MaddenTips @MUTLeagues early season 1 game

First off, please excuse the “trash talk” throughout the game, it was recorded during a live stream. It is never meant as disrespect to the other player, just simply how I play games. With that being said, please enjoy one of my favorite #MaddenTips @MUTLeagues season games against the Colts. Stick through it all, or skip to 26:52 for an amazing overtime ending.

Hermit_theCrab Plays Madden Cowboys v. ColtsNoteable plays:
8:48 Colts: interception by Luke Kuechly from a bullet pass intended for Cowboys’ Dave Casper
9:50 Cowboys: Patrick Willis Sack on Colts’ Peyton Manning
10:20 Cowboys: Kam Chancellor Sack on Colts’ Peyton Manning
10:35 Colts: Field Goal to make it 3-0
11:15 Colts: Chandler Jones Sack on Cowboys’ Andrew Luck
11:32 Colts: Chandler Jones safety on Cowboys’ Andrew Luck to make it 5-0 (was not a turbo-blitz) Kappa
11:47 Cowboys: HaHa Clinton-Dix causes a fumble on safety kick off, and recovered by Paul Posluszny
14:59 Unable to pick a play glitch, not cheating lol
15:52 Colts: Field Goal to make it 8-0
16:29 Cowboys: #TurnUpSquad? What? FacePalm/Scoring Drive start
17:23 Cowboys: Andrew Luck soaked himself in oil before the play and shrugs off a sack, for a completion to DeSean Jackson
18:58 Cowboys: Andrew Luck 4th-and-1 conversion to Vincent Jackson
21:30 Cowboys: Andrew Luck scramble for a touchdown
22:00 Cowboys: Andrew Luck to a diving Dave Casper for a 2pt-conversion to tie the game
23:49 Cowboys: Luke Kuechly interception intended for Colt’s Jordy Nelson
24:49 Colts: #22 sack on Andrew Luck (again, not a turbo blitz)
25:38 Colts: Laron Landry interception intended for Cowboys’ Mike Evans which takes it into OT
26:52 Cowboys: Andrew Luck screen pass to LeSean McCoy for the win in OT

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