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A great way to show your support for Hermit_theCrab gaming is to subscribe to Hermit_theCrab Gaming.

You can subscribe through GameWisp, a service that allows streamers to set up a personalized subscription system of their own.

For $4.99/month, subscribers to Hermit_theCrab Gaming will unlock VIP Status in Hermit_theCrab’s Twitch channel.

VIPs earn !crabs 3.2 x faster and can get a monthly reward in the mail (see the Donations page to find out what the monthly VIP Reward will be).

FAQ – Why can’t I subscribe on Twitch instead?

Right now, I am working towards a Twitch Partnership. This would give me a Twitch “sub button” embedded in the channel. A Twitch sub button allows viewers to subscribe via Twitch and grants access to special Twitch subscriber chat emotes. The goal is to show Twitch that there is a big enough fan-base for the stream for Hermit_theCrab Gaming to deserve an official Twitch sub button. Until I earn a Twitch subscription button, you can subscribe to Hermit_theCrab using GameWisp.

Can’t sub right now?

You can show your support for the stream in lots of other ways.

Subscribe on YouTube.

Subscribe to IamHermitTheCrab on Youtube. It is free to subscribe on YouTube (like a Twitter follow) and you’ll see the latest Hermit_theCrab Gaming videos in your YouTube newsfeed.

Follow Hermit on social media.

Following @Hermit_theCrab on Twitter and IamHermitTheCrab on Facebook helps the channel grow and can help us earn a Twitch partnership. Plus, following keeps you updated on the latest events in the channel and fun news in gaming.

Shop with Hermit’s Amazon Affiliate Link

Use Hermit_theCrab’s Amazon Affiliate link before you go shopping on This link basically tells Amazon “Hermit sent me.” Amazon will then give me a little commission on every purchase you make through the link. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it helps out the channel a lot. If I earn enough Amazon credits I can use them for giveaways for the stream and/or hardware to keep the stream up and running. All you have to do is use this link, and it will lead you to the homepage. Shop as usual, and I will earn a referral point for everything you buy. You can also bookmark the referral link in your browser so you can shop more quickly. Happy shopping!

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